Chic Urban Snack!

Maxbon was launched in May 2003, and is one of the top snack brands leading the market.

Maxbon was given the brand name ‘Maxbon’ because it provides ‘max’ value to customers with its superior cheese content and outstanding quality and taste.

Choose from 4 different great tastes of Maxbon. Maxbon Cheese contains specially selected white meat fish and more than 15%,of high-melt cheese and cheddar cheese, upgrading the mini sausage market. Maxbon Cheese Plus contains more than 17% cheese for those who want to experience the rich and delicious taste of cheese. Maxbon Corn contains corn grains for a chewier experience and Maxbon Collagen Beauty contains 5,979mg (per 280g serving) of absorbed collagen, an essential nutrient for women interested in beauty care. The snacks are produced hygienically in an HACCP designated plant, and contain zero trans-fat, making it a favorite among chic urbanites.

Great Snack for Urban Men and Women MAXBON Cheese. Tasty and sweet~ New type of mini sausage. Contains real cheese lumps (over 15% cheese), providing a unique, rich taste. Great as a snack for both children and adults.