Hutgaesoo (Oriental Raisin Tea)

100% Korean Oriental Raisin Tree Fruits: Korea’s No.1 Oriental Raisin Tree Conditioning Drink

  1. 'Hutgaesoo (Oriental Raisin Tea)' uses 100% Korean oriental raisin tree fruits. The best 100% Korean oriental raisin tree fruits are used in this drink that will help you to quench your thirst after drinking alcohol. It is also great to drink after exercising.
  2. All Zero wellbeing drink. Hutgaesoo (Oriental Raisin Tea) contains zero calories, as well as zero sodium, saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol, making it ideal for all consumers interested in health, regardless of age.
  3. Zero sugar. Though it has a sweetness more than 300 times the level of sugar, it has no calories and contains the globally rare fruit, siraitia grosvenori. The sweet taste of siraitia grosvenori is not absorbed in the body, and is discharged from the body easily.

Instead of water! Better than water! Enjoy oriental raisin tree water~!

Quench any thirst with Hutgaesoo(Oriental Rasin Tea)! Quick thirst quenching with oriental raisin tree fruits and kuzu extracts!