Brand Introduction

Delicious vitamin dessert
HOPE chewable vitamins

H.O.P.E Chewable Vita is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside!
Great-tasting chewable tablets with flavors ranging from refreshing fruit, lemon yuzu, and yogurt. These tablets don't need water.

Trouble remembering to take vitamins daily!
Now with H.O.P.E Chewable Vita that adds "taste" to vitamins that are good for your body, you will never forget to take vitamins regularly.

At one go with M when we know but it's difficult to take nutritional supplements!
Take Chewable Vita C containing vitamin C that protects cells from free radicals on the days you are in bad shape. Get your daily dose of Chewable Vita D containing calcium and vitamin D without having to worry about bone health!

When you feel exhausted from working overtime or exams, or want snacks or freshen breath after a meal, take Chewable Vita anytime anywhere and stay healthy!

H.O.P.E Chewable Vita