Energy source for Koreans

Koreans' energy source is a traditional healthy beverage brand of Korea

Strictly quality-managed Hanppuri

The quality of Hanppuri is extraordinary as it's essential for al our products to pass CJ's internal quality standards, which are stricter than those mandated by the law. Also, CJ thoroughly monitors pesticide residues by conducting a residue test on more than 400 types of pesticides every year so that consumers can consume safe ginseng.

We use only ingredients that grow in our land.

There are countless foods that are said to be good for the body, but Hanppuri demonstrates that ingredients grown and produced in our land are the best fit for Koreans. Hanppuri is made up of local specialties with unique properties that change by land, season and water, such as Geumsan Ginseng grown in the homeland of Korean ginseng and Namhae Black Garlic gifted with distinctive energy obtained after living through strong sea winds.

From a root to "Korea's Root" representing Korean power

Now, Hanppuri has turned from a grated ginseng root to "Korean root" which represents genuine Korean power. With over 60 years of dedication to excellence in taste, quality and safety as a leading food & beverage company, CJ offers natural energy that rejuvenates the consumers' lives. We aim to enter the world market so that Hanppuri filled with Korea's wisdom and energy can be also relished by people around the world.

Strictly quality-managed Hanppuri

A taste for Korea

A taste for Korea is a traditional healthy beverage brand that represents Korea.

CJ's global patented technology! Easy to consume ginseng, red ginseng and black ginseng through our ultra-fine powder technology

"Our ancestors kept themselves healthy by eating raw ginseng roots, so why can't we modern people do the same?" In 2004, Hanppuri came into the world as an answer to this question. For the first time in the world, a ginseng root was bottled with our ultra-fine powder technology, enabling the root to be eaten whole.We succeeded in preserving and processing ginseng roots through a difficult and delicate process without losing nutrients , and made it easy for consumers to have it anytime, anywhere. CJ CheilJedang's Only One technology is the key that allows Hanppuri to hold the top spot as the number one Korean ginseng beverage for over the past decade.

No.1 Korean black ginseng masterpiece, steamed and dried nine times

Hanppuri incorporated the 9 times steaming & drying method, which was also applied to ginseng our ancestors presented to the royal family. The method of 9 times steaming & drying increased the level of polyphenols in the strictly selected quality raw ingredients used in Hanppuri. We steamed and dried ginseng, balloon flower and kudzu containing strong energy received from our land to ensure their nutrients remain intact.

We minimized nutrient loss through heat, and introduced low-temperature centrifugal concentration technology to the nation's first invigorating extract.

It is not concentrated through boiling. It is the nation's first invigorating extract concentrated with low-temperature centrifugal concentration technology. To minimize nutrient loss due to heat, we formed concentrates of the raw ingredients at a low temperature using the centrifugal force and retained their original taste, flavor and fragrance.

Steamed 9 times and dried 9 times for 15 days! Hygienic with cold-air drying

A comparison of saponin ingredient RG3 content

High style for Koreans

High style for Koreans , the best present for showing your gratitude and goodwill

Hanppuri is a genuine friend whom you can meet anytime, anywhere and never fails to give you energy whenever you feel exhausted. The charm of its design makes you feel energetic just by its looks. We will continue to reinterpret the great heritage of the Korean root for modern people.

In particular, Hanppuri has been loved by people during national holidays as a handsome, wonderful gift. Hanppuri Gift Package, which embodies the unique beauty of tradition, is the best present for your family and contacts. Express your appreciation with Hanppuri Gift Package that we have prepared with all our heart.

High style for Koreans Hanppuri