Exercise and Diet are Essential to Losing Weight

Drink FatDown before exercising to keep a healthy and yoyo-free diet.

In a diet market crowded with so many different formulae, Fat Down created a new fitness drink market to burn fat through exercise!
It proposes a paradigm shift from looking only at weight to creating healthy, beautiful bodies by reducing body fat.

Launched in 2002 and loved for 12 years, FatDown!

As the top dieting brand in Korea, FatDown has continuously been loved by consumers. However, there were many difficulties leading up to the birth of FatDown, which is now loved by consumers. The hardest part was making FatDown tasty!

The Garcinia Cambogia shell extracts used in FatDown help to reduce body fat, but have a bitter taste. After thousands of hours of research, we were able to make today’s sweet and fresh taste. This was possible through the efforts of the researchers at CJ Food Research Center. Sales of FatDown rose quickly as a result. Korea began showing a growing interest in health when it was first launched, and FatDown became a must-have drink as it improved health and body fitness through exercise. By satisfying customer demand, sales skyrocketed.

Distribution of FatDown started off through home shopping networks. This is because home shopping was the best medium to introduce FatDown to the target consumer base. TV home shopping helped improve sales of FatDown considerably. However, FatDown, which breaks down fat when used together with exercise, was misunderstood by consumers, who thought it would help them to lose weight just by drinking it. This resulted in a drop of sales of FatDown.

To overcome this crisis, in 2005 CJ’s Health Food Business Department held an event that allowed consumers to experience FatDown for themselves. This event included a ‘Sweat Campaign’ so fitness center members could experience FatDown, and a ‘Challenge’ event that offered an 8-week diet program combining FatDown and exercise. This was a turning point for increasing sales based on improved brand reliability through consumer experience and a greater awareness of the functions of FatDown. Subsequently, FatDown was upgraded and renewed with new ingredients and concepts to make a fresh new impression with customers.. It was also used by famous models such as the fitness celebrity Jung Da-yeon, Woo Ji-in, celebrity fitness coach Choi Sung-jo, and Ga-hee from the girl group After School. In 2009, it recorded its highest sales and became the top diet brand.

FatDown opened the doors to the healthy diet market.
FatDown hopes not to be simply a functional food, but a leader in Korean l health culture.