Dr. Nutri

Scientifically customized health supplement designed by CJ

Dr. Nutri is a vitamin brand made with the 60 years of tradition and expertise of CJ. These are vitamin products made through thorough R&D and ingredient mixing technologies.

Why Dr. Nutri?

This is a health supplement made with CJ’s R&D expertise on vitamins and minerals.
Back to the basics! Based on the principle of sticking to the basics, these vitamins were designed through an optimal mix of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are not medicine. They are a necessity! These can be used by anyone interested in supporting their health at a reasonable price.


  1. Dr. Nutri General Vitamin
  2. Dr. Nutri Vitamin B Flex
  3. Dr. Nutri Cal Mag D
  4. Dr. Nutri Vitamin C
  5. Dr. Nutri Y Vitamin