CJ OLIVE MARKET (Simple & Delicious)

CJ CheilJedang is once again leading a new food culture movement.

In 2018, we launched CJ Olive Market, the first flagship store of its kind in Korea. With a focus on new HMR products by CJ brands such as bibigo, Gourmet etc, we are leading the current trends in food culture.

CJ Olive Market is comprised of ‘Olive Deli’, your destination for simple and delicious HMR meal options and ‘Olive Grocery’, the perfect shopping destination for all your lifestyle needs.

CJ Olive Market has your food lifestyle and happiness in mind.

For your pleasure, at your convenience, always ‘simple and delicious’.

CJ OLIVE MARKET (Simple & Delicious)

Your happiness and well-being are what matters to CJ Olive Market.

CJ Olive Market is a place that promotes a healthy and delicious food lifestyle
with a particular focus on HMR meals and an emphasis on the value
and goodness of having a ‘proper meal’.

CJ Olive Market BI Story
The ‘O’ in Olive Market serves as two motifs that reflects the philosophy of Olive Market. First, the ‘O’ is a fruit motif which symbolizes the valuable ‘fruits of mother nature’ and our focus on using fresh and healthy ingredients. Secondly, the ‘O’ also resembles a kitchen timer to symbolize the convenience and simplicity of our products which assists our consumers to pursue the ultimate ‘simple and delicious’ food lifestyle. The main color green in Olive Market was chosen to convey our main values: ‘Freshness, Simplicity and High Quality’.


At Olive Deli, you can savor the flavors on offer with the range of CJ HMR meals and experience more from brands like HetBahn ,bibigo, Gourmet, Beksul etc.

Our team of 10 professional chefs at CJ CheilJedang have developed a custom menu that showcases the flavors of fresh, seasonal produce and the finest ingredients. We value the idea of having a ‘proper meal’ and that has been translated into our HMR menu by incorporating the true essence of Hansik (Korean), BBQ and traditional menu items with honest and healthy ingredients.

Olive Deli is a culinary space focused on the convenience, taste and simplicity of CJ HMR products.
We offer a menu inspired by the brands and products by HetBahn, bibigo, Gourmet, Beksul and more as a way to experience what is on offer now and it also serves as a test bed for commercializing future CJ HMR products.

Olive Deli Menu
CJ HMR inspired Menu
Olive Deli showcases a menu inspired by the CJ HMR brands and
products. Simple and delicious with an ever-changing variety of
seasonal dishes – try it out!
CJ HMR Vending Machine
A new way to enjoy HMR!
The CJ HMR Vending Machine epitomizes the essence of HMR
– it is easy to use, quick, convenient and delicious. HetBahn CupBahn,
Gourmet meals are all available for your convenience on the CJ HMR
Vending Machine. You can also find special limited edition releases with
added visual appeal, exclusively at CJ HMR Vending machines.
Takeaway Menu
For those who struggle to fit in a ‘meal time’, we have prepared
the perfect balanced meal that you can takeaway. Easy, tasty
and nutritious – the perfect lunchbox meal solution.


Olive Grocery offers a unique shopping experience where you can find the latest
CJ CheilJedang HMR products as well as a variety of fresh and delicious produce to suit
our consumer’s lifestyle and dining experience.
From raw ingredients to par-cooked and fully cooked meals and a menu that ranges from
Korean, Asian to European and more, Olive Grocery has a specially curated selection of
quality food and lifestyle goods in order to maximize your shopping experience and take
the trouble out of doing the grocery shop.

Olive Grocery Zone Layout
Curation Zone
We have upgraded from existing product display methods
which simply lists products to a new optimized curation
system for our customer’s convenience. We can recommend
your perfect recipe and shopping list according to your
chosen level of difficulty and cooking time.
Event Pop Up Zone
Each month, the Event Pop Up Zone hosts new events
featuring new products and collaboration offers. This
includes CJ CheilJedang products, imported MD and lifestyle
goods selected seasonally that complement current trends.
CJ HMR Brand Zone
At the Brand Zone, CJ CheilJedang Representative brands
and products can be found in one place. This is a space where you can
find product information and recipe inspirations from HetBahn,
bibigo, Gourmet and Beksul.
CJ Olive Market x ENOTECA Winery
With wine lovers in mind, CJ CheilJedang in collaboration with ENOTECA
Wine, Asia’s largest wine shop brand, showcase monthly wine pairings with
CJ’s HMR products. Discover the perfect wine to complement your meal.
At CJ Olive Market, we thrive to be your one-stop shopping solution with
new and trending items always on offer.
Fresh, high quality fruit and vegetables, conveniently packaged frozen fish, cube
vegetables, easy to prepare HMR products as well as various imported food
items are all on offer to make your grocery shopping experience as easy and
enjoyable as possible. Additionally, we have seasonal recipes with ingredient kit
sets for added convenience. Simple and delicious ways to help you experience
the joys of cooking.
Speial Edition
You can now find very special editions of CJ HMR products exclusively at CJ HMR
vending machines. Appealing to all your senses, now our HMR items have the added
visual appeal as well as being delicious and easy to prepare.
Download the ‘CJ Olive Market’ application and hold it horizontally as if you are
taking a picture to discover the CJ HMR brand story and a new world of shopping.
Lifestyle Goods
To elevate the standard of your ‘meal’ and dining lifestyle, we have carefully and
purposefully curated our Lifestyle Goods category.
We have selected a variety of products that will enrich your kitchen and dining table
with brands like the Swedish handmade cast iron cookware brand - Skeppshult,
Japanese tableware brand – Kinto and the king of graters – Microplane and more.
HMR saves you time by shortening the cooking time but with our Lifestyle Goods
you can create the ambience and dining experience that you desire for your meal.
    330, Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • Opening Hours (365 days)
    • OLIVE GROCERY (Weekdays) 08:00~22:00
      Weekdays : 07:00~21:00(Last order: 20:30)
    • Olive Market (Deli, Grocery) Weekend and Public
      Holidays: 11:00~22:00
    10, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • Opening Hours (365 days)
    • Olive Grocery : 10:00~22:00
      Olive Deli : 10:00~22:00 (Last order 21:00)

    * Opening hours are the same for weekdays,
    weekends and public holidays

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