Help your children beat
itchy skin without side effects!

Helps reduce skin immunity hypersensitivity reaction

Skin lactobacillus CJLP-133 is a special lactobacillus that CJ CheilJedang discovered from kimchi through 7 years of research, based on our 60 years of expertise and technology in food.

CJLP-133, Recognized by the Korean FDA

There have been many types of lactobacillus recommended for the skin, but the first one to have been recognized by the Korean FDA for its functions was CJLP133!

  1. Of the hundreds of lactobacillus products, this is the first in the nation to receive KFDA, as it “helps improve skin problems caused by immunity hypersensitivity”!
  2. A 60-year tradition of food expertise and technologies, applied in 7 years of research to find plant-based lactobacillus in kimchi (safe food ingredient)
  3. Confirmed itch and SCORAD point improvements in tests on children from 12 months to 13 years!
  4. Amazing functions recognized through SCI studies published in prominent journals worldwide!

Researchers grouped 118 12 month-13 year old children into a CJLP133 consumption group (58) and a control group (6) for analysis. Children who took CJLP133 for 12 weeks, 2g per serving, twice a day saw their SCORAD scores, an index that shows the severity of skin sensitivity, drop from 27.6 to 20.4 on average. When SCORAD is over 26, it is considered severe, but after taking CJLP133 it was less than 25 points, which is categorized as light symptoms.

What does the SCORAD score in the graph mean?

  • Parents with children who experience immunity hypersensitivity reaction (itch, etc.) are probably used to seeing the word ‘SCORAD’ written on the back of products. SCORAD stands for SCORing Atopic Dermatitis.
  • CJLP133 was found to reduce SCORAD scores and itching in tests carried out on children. The graph on the left shows that itching gradually reduces and the graph on the right shows that the SCORAD points drop (=improvement of ailments on skin caused by immunity imbalance, including skin itch).
  • Don’t forget! The first lactobacillus that was officially recognized by the KFDA for skin-related functions is CJLP133.

Over 10 billion a day!

It’s not a complex lactobacillus with a bunch of ingredients! It is only 10 billion of the valuable lactobacilli, CJLP-133, recognized for its amazing effects.

  1. Over 10 billion prebiotics a day! It’s not a complex lactobacillus. There are over 10 billion valuable bacteria recognized for their function, thatCJLP-133 brings to you.
  2. Contains prebiotic ingredients! Contains fructo-oligosaccharides and annulene (chicory extracts) that help lactobacillus grow.
10 billion lactobacilli a day - Taking 2 a day / 60 total

No chemical additives

It’s for your children. There are no additives.
No chemical additives, such as aromas, colors or anti-caking agents.
Just 4 ingredients.

The image of CJLP-133 package

We know that parents want pure medicines for their children, so we removed all chemical additives used in probiotics such as aromas, colorants and anti-caking agents, and made it with just lactobacillus and sugar (glucose). - Interview with Dr. Kim Bong-joon, the developer of CJLP133

Q & A

What is probiotic lactobacillus?
Probiotics are living bacteria that are good for health when inside the body. The Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff found that Bulgarians enjoyed longevity because of milk fermented with lactobacillus, a discovery for which he received the Nobel Prize. Since then, there have been many studies on the functions of lactobacillus and probiotics. Traditionally, probiotics have been consumed through fermented milk products, but recently, they are being sold in safer forms such as pulp and powder.
Are the effects the same for both children and adults?
Healthy foods are good for everyone regardless of age. The functions apply to all ages. The reason why we promote this product for 12-month to 13-year-old children is because this age group has the most problems with skin immunity.
How long will it take to be effective?
Lactobacillus must be consumed constantly to become effective. You should take the recommended dosage (twice a day) for at least one month.
It will be even more helpful if you maintain proper hygiene and apply a moisturizer after bathing. Please see the graph.
How should I administer it to children?
Skin lactobacillus is a stick-type powder product that is easy to eat and carry. It has a slightly sweet taste, so you can just consume it as is.
If the child can’t swallow powder, mix it in with milk, juice or baby food. It dissolves well in liquids.

However, lactobacilli are living bacteria, so dissolving it in hot water may kill the bacteria.
How should I store the product?
Skin lactobacillus is kept refrigerated throughout the distribution process to keep the bacteria alive.
To maintain the life of the bacteria at home, store refrigerated at (0’ – 10’).