Brand Introduction

BYO Yogurt uses only premium functional lactic acid bacteria found in kimchi. BYO Yoghurt was developed after 7 years of research based on the 60 years of traditional fermentation technology of CJ CheilJedang.

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  • By Original - It took 7 years of research for CJ CheilJedang to develop CJ BYO Yogurt based on its food fermentation technology.
  • By Oriental - We use only vegetable lactic acid bacteria found in kimchi, a globally renowned healthy fermented food.
  • By Oriental - We discovered the specific bacteria that proved to be effective among more than 3,500 kimchi lactic acid bacteria.
Balance + Alive + Health
Healthy BYO to maintain balanced nutrition, Presented in a round font that reminds people of BYO, 'Y' indicates the shape of a person and 'O' means a shield that protects the beneficial bacteria in the human body.
  • Koreans' intestines VS Westerners' intestines
  • Did you know? The fact that Koreans' intestines are longer than Westerners' ones!
  • Kimchi lactic acid bacteria are powerful organisms that live on even in harsh environments of high salt and acid concentrations, and are robust enough to survive through Koreans' long intestines!
  • Not all kimchi lactic acid bacteria are beneficial! Not all of them are beneficial for the human body!
  • BYO Lactic Acid studied 3,500 kimchi lactic acid bacteria one by one and identified the ones that are good for Koreans!
  • 133th for skin / 243th for intestine
  • Safe for a child's sensitive skin and pregnant/lactating women / BYO Skin Yogurt - Boosts our children's skin immunity! Have a sachet with up to 10 billion CFUs a day!
  • Triple function lactic acid bacteria, from intestines, immunoregulation for skin improvement / BYO Multi Yogurt - Triple solutions! Have a sachet with up to 12 billion CFUs a day!
  • For our families' comfortable and healthy intestines! / BYO Stomach Yogurt - Strong viability! Patent validated in 6 countries Have a sachet with up to 1 billion CFUs a day!
  • Safe without chemical additives like fragrances, colors and anticaking agents