CJ Jeollipso

Maintaining prostate health and recharging vitality!
New and improved CJ Jeollipso

Nutra ‘CJ Jeollipso’ contains saw palmetto that is good for prostrate health and tomato extracts that promote vitality through anti-oxidation, making it great for both ‘prostrate health’ and ‘vitality’.

CJ Nutra ‘CJ Jeollipso’ uses premium saw palmetto from 'Valensa社' obtained in the US and also uses tomato extracts that the global lycopene manufacturer 'LycoRed社‘ of Israel grow and extract using patented technologies, making it highly reliable.

It also contains zinc, which is needed for normal immunity functions and cell division, while containing more than double the European pumpkin seed oil found in other products.
Take a pill (800mg) a day for prostate health and to upgrade your vitality.

Product Features

  • Korea’s first prostate health supplement
  • Nation’s only product containing 112mg of tomato extracts for male vitality!
  • Reliable quality saw palmetto 320mg!
  • Officially recognized by the KFDA for reducing bed-wetting and improving urination speed among older men (saw palmetto)
  • Reliable prostate health supplement, proven by sales of over 50 billion won!