CJ Hat Kimchi

Fresh taste of midwinter kimchi

Matured in a closed space under temperatures ideal for maintaining the freshness of kimchi , CJ Hat kimchi keeps the fresh taste and crunchiness of kimchi.

CJ Hat kimchi is matured at a low temperature under the ‘kimchi crock’ system, after which it is stored for 24 hours and packed refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius. So, CJ Hat kimchi is a premium kimchi brand that tastes like the traditional style of kimchi in the crock.

Premium Kimchi Made with 100% Domestically Grown Ingredients

Cabbages and radish, the two key ingredients of kimchi, are selected according to strict quality criteria. Using the finely cut pepper powder from Yeongyang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the original color and taste of kimchi is achieved. This natural flavor of kimchi is enhanced by adding spring onions and pear puree.