CJ Hasungjung

Famous Korean Cuisine House, CJ Hasunjung

'CJ Hasunjung', which continues the legacy of Korean cuisine, is a traditional fermented Korean cuisine brand that is both tasty and nutritious, and maximizes the expertise of a 50 year tradition and the pure taste of nature.

All CJ Hasunjung products are made based on a production philosophy of ‘Carefully selected fresh and high quality ingredients, prepared in a clean environment,’ and the unique cooking research expertise of the late CJ Hasunjung.

Korea’s top fermented fish sauce brand, CJ Hasunjung Aekjeot, is made with 100% natural ingredients, fermented carefully with anchovies and sun-dried salt picked through a strict screening process, and naturally enhances the taste of kimchi and other cuisine.

For CJ Hasunjung Kimchi, each and every ingredient is carefully selected from high quality produce grown in Korea. It contains natural fermented lactic-acid for all-year-round fresh taste. Also, the ‘CJ Hasunjung Crunchy Cut Kimchi with Low Temperature Matured 8 Natural Korean Spice Ingredients’ has a home-made taste, and uses the CJ's unique processing method to maintain the exotic crispness of kimchi for a long time.

History of CJ Hasunjung

CJ Hasunjung‘s Kimchi Story- Yesterday and Today of CJ Hasunjung Kimchi

  • 1954 Began cooking research in earnest.
  • 1962 Began selling kimchi at Donghwa Dep. Store.
  • 2002 Best Product Award by Women Consumers.
  • 2005 Grand Prize of Korea’s Best Brands for Kimchi.
  • 2005 Acquired ISO 9001.
  • 2006 KFDA HACCP designation for kimchi.

Nation’s First and CJ Hasunjung

  • Korea’s first cooking researcher (late 1940s)
  • Nation’s first cooking academy (1954)