Bibigo Story

The Charms and Taste of
Korean Cuisine, Bibigo

CJ CheilJedang, which became Korea’s first sugar manufacturer in 1953 and has since spread the joys of food and worked on the development of Korean food culture, created the global Korean cuisine brand ‘Bibigo,’ which evokes the pride and dreams of a 60 year history.

Based on its long experience and knowledge in Korean food, Bibigo aims at sharing the healthy Korean food culture that contains the 5,000-years-long history of Koreans and their philosophy with the world.

Based on the most loved Korean dishes, Bibigo launched dumplings, sauces, cooked rice, kimchi and sea laver so that people around the world can easily experience Korean food at home. Launched in the US in 2011, Bibigo has spread to Japan, China, England, and Southeast Asia, reaching out to the rest of the world as well.

Thanks to the popularity of Bibigo around the world, Bibigo products were launched in Korea as well in August 2013.

Bibigo spans from eating out and cooking at home. It aims at becoming the top global Korean food brand that adds contemporary value to the traditions of Korean cuisine.

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