Bibigo Restaurant

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Enjoy the Real Taste of Korea at Bibigo. Bibigo offers contemporary & authentic Korean cuisine around the world.
Stop by our fast casual restaurant for a convenient Korean meal, or visit our casual dining restaurant for a variety of appetizers and main dishes.

Fast Casual Fast, Convenient Korean Dishes

If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and convenient way to enjoy Korean food, visit one of our Bibigo fast casual locations. We offer high quality Korean dishes made with freshly prepared ingredients, served within minutes of your order. At all our locations, you can create your own bibimbap, our signature dish, by choosing from a selection of 4 types of rice, various nahmul (variety of vegetables prepared Korean-style), 6 types of protein toppings, and 4 sauces. In addition to bibimbap, Bibigo also offers a selection of Korean cuisine inspired tapas dishes. Whether you’re looking to eat in or take it to-go, Bibigo is the easiest way to enjoy healthy & fresh Korean food.

Casual Dining Modern & Casual Korean Dining

Bibigo isn’t just about bibimbap. From traditional Korean dishes like bulgogi to Korean tapas to kimchi, our casual dining restaurants offer a full range of Korean dishes. Our menus deliver authentic Korean flavors with a contemporary interpretation. In keeping with our cooking philosophy, we try to keep the ingredients’ natural flavors. Bibigo Bar & Dining is our casual dining restaurant with a full bar and extended cocktail menu. Our first Bar & Dining location opened in Soho of London during the 2010 London Olympics Games. At our Bar & Dining locations you can enjoy a range of Korean liquors as well as soju-based cocktails such as Korean cobbler, Yellow sea and Amal. Whether you are trying Korean food for the first time or you are already a fan of Korean food, you can expect to have a great Korean dining experience at Bibigo.