Beksul, the taste built up since 1953!

With the production of Korea’s first purified sugar in 1953, Beksul established itself as the finest brand in the food industry since the brand’s founding in 1965.

Starting from Beksul sugar and flour, the affection of CJ CheilJedang toward food and taste extended to food ingredients, sauces as well as processed food and fresh food products.

Beksul sugar which shines like snowflakes of the Beksul logo, Beksul flour which has the accumulated know-how milling technique of over 50 years, Beksul cooking oil which is carefully made with good ingredients, Beksul Oligo-saccharides which truly cares about customer’s health, Beksul Ham which leads the history of the meat processing system in Korea…. over the past half-century, Beksul has developed as an unrivalled mega brand leading the food industry in Korea.

The dining traditions of Korea lie within the history of Beksul. However, the present quickly becomes the past, as time quickly passes by. Beksul aspires to surpass previous achievements, making a new food culture based on the legacy. . Beksul yearns to continue to be a trustworthy brand that consumers can rely on for providing the tastiest and finest products.

Beksul wants to be with customers as companions. The value of Beksul is embodied in the passing of flavor from one generation to the next. Just as Beksul’s snowflakes amass over time, the familial experience of sharing the joy of cooking builds up.

Taste is built. Happiness is built.