Alaska Salmon

Made with clean natural
Alaskan salmon
CJ Alaska Salmon.

  1. Made clean, with 100% natural salmon. - Alaska Salmon does not contain any "red food coloring".
    - Made with no additives to maximize the authentic taste of salmon.
  2. Easy, but elegant diversity of dishes. - Enough canned tuna! Enjoy canned salmon, which goes well with both Korean and western cuisine.
    - Add salmon to kimchi soup and enjoy the great-taste and large chunks of salmon meat.
  3. Salmon is the only fish included in TIME Magazine's list of the world's top 10 “superfoods.” Contains Omega-3 (DHA, EPA), to take care of the health of your entire family.

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CJ CheilJedang Alaska Salmon (Salmon Cake Version)

Alaska Salmon
Don't eat just anything
Made with just four ingredients!
Easy, huh?
CJ CheilJedang Alaska Salmon